One afternoon at the Propaganda3 offices, our good friend Jon Corral was visiting during a chat about mobile apps. He tossed an idea into the fray that left us grinning. What if there was an app that made the same sounds that we remembered from the cheesy situation comedies that we grew up with? Ideas tumbled and before you could cancel, 'The Singing Nun – The SVU Years,' an app was being enjoyed across the world.

Pocket Sitcom — the app with the personal laugh track, canned applause, plus the little extras you always wanted — brings the early 90s teen comedy to your everyday activities, has been renewed. This season includes:

  • A great new interface
  • Easily swipe between three screens of almost 20 new sounds which include:
    • A cricket button for people who can't take a hint
    • Laugh tracks
    • Applause
    • A big DIS
    • A 'kiss' reaction
    • That 'awe' for too cute

Pocket Sitcom's crack sound, that takes you back to those golden days, is thanks to Bazillion Pictures and Substream and it still fits in the pocket of your zumbas.




  • Design
  • Development
  • Motion Design


  • Std. UI Kit


  • Three types of laughter: Small, Medium & Large,/
  • Three types of applause: Small, Medium & Large
  • "Diss!" button for your awesome burn
  • "Kiss" button for that hot smooch with Kelly
  • "Cute" button for that adorable thing Michelle says
  • Three types of music:
    • Happy Commercial Break for when you'll be right back
    • Dramatic Commercial Break for those tense moments in life
    • Heart 2 Heart Theme for moment you realize cigarettes don't make you cool


How am I supposed to use PocketSitCom?

Say a joke, make it laugh. Say something cute, make it aww. Are your friends starting to get annoyed? That's a good sign that you're using it right.

I have tried everything and I don't think this is working correctly. What now?

Just like many studio audiences, sometimes PocketSitCom needs to be loosened up a bit. If you think you have one that needs a little love, send an email to We will have one of our stand-up coders get right on them and get right back with you.

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